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How can I foster a constructive climate of dialogue?
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Additional information

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  • Treat the other person politely and respectfully.
  • Remember that what counts is not what I say, but what the other person hears.
  • Rather than arguing, ask open questions (the one asking questions, leads!).
  • Speak slowly and let the other speak.
  • Describe what disturbed you with I-Messages, without accusing or blaming the other person - e.g.: „I was angry" or „When I hear this, it made me angry" instead of „You made me angry" or „You bastard!".
  • Apologize if I did or said something that I regret myself.
  • Show empathy and say that I regret what happened (without apologizing, if I consider that I haven't done anything wrong).
  • Check regularly whether I understood correctly what he/she said.
  • Respect his/her point of view ("I have a different opinion, but I respect the fact that you see things differently than I do").