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What is important for me?
Additional information

Additional information

In order to identify your real needs and concerns, ask yourself: "Why do I want what I want?". You will then quickly realize that you have good reasons for wanting what you want.

A practical example.

What I want (position):

  • Either I get a 7.5% salary increase, or I leave!!

Reasons why (your underlying interests):

  • „One of my colleague and I are doing exactly the same job. I have noticed that he is getting 7.5% more then I do! For me, it's an issue of equal pay for equal work.“
  • „A salary survey which I've seen recently shows that I should earn 7.5% more. For me it's important to get paid in line with the market.“
  • „Due to inflation, my costs of living have increased by 7.5%. For me it's important to maintain my standard of living.“

Do not take a position. Write down your underlying concerns, needs and interests, and explain them during the meeting.